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Migrants sit after they disembarked from the vessel Topaz Responder in the Sicilian harbour of  Augusta, Italy  September 7, 2016. REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello Italy turned down more than 60 percent of asylum requests in the first eight months of this year, Doctors for Human Rights (MEDU) said, up from 58 percent last year and 39 percent in 2014. In interviews with 1,000 African migrants who reached Italy, MEDU said that only 10 percent of West Africans said they had left home for economic reasons. The rest cited religious or political persecution, family violence, civil war, sexual orientation and other issues as their reason for fleeing. No one from East Africa said they left home because of poverty. "If the migrants are willing to put their lives on the line to make the journey to Europe, it usually means they have no alternative," MEDU coordinator Alberto Barbieri said. More than 90 percent of those interviewed said they had been the victims of extreme violence - torture or inhumane treatment - either at home or along the migrant route or both, MEDU said in an interactive migration map that incorporates the interviews. Italy is on the front line of Europe's migrant crisis, now in its third year, taking in more than 400,000 people since the start of 2014. Thousands have died crossing the Mediterranean, including more than 3,000 already this year, and an unknown number have perished in the Sahara Desert. In Italy, some 40 territorial commissions evaluate asylum requests and interview applicants. Their decisions can be appealed to the court system, but rejections can leave migrants วัดนอก แผนที่ in legal limbo for years. Often migrants are not in the proper state of mind to tell their stories when they arrive because they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression as a result of torture or abuse, said Flavia Calo, a MEDU psychologist and coordinator.

Prosecution Of Buddhist Monk Leads to Global Protests

Aus tiefem Mitempfinden lehrte der Buddha expire Menschen den Weg zum Ende des Leidens und zur Erleuchtung. Buddha predigte perish vier erhabenen Wahrheiten” zu seinen Schülern, pass away sie weitertrugen zu family room Menschen ihrer Zeit. However, not really many of the manuscripts remain in China today, as a large quantity were sold” for pitiful sums to early 20th century European archaeologists, and others were dropped on the way back again to Beijing in 1910. The Cosmopolitan Professional System in Buddhist Studies brings together learners from five different regional specializations: India, Tibet, China, Asia and Thailand. While the Khmer still understood about the aged temples in the jungle, it was Holly Mouhot who showed the to the world. The beautiful island of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, was component of the 'Uk Empire' for many years ~ well over a century! The faithfulness Dhammakaya users possess to Buddhism can also be seen in its practice of uniquely Thai customs.A Buddhist since 1994, he provides exceeded the third level of Systemic Studies in Buddhism.In brief, we may state that the period from the Buddha up to the era of Kanishka, a period of 630 years, covers the most important stage of initial advancement in Buddhism.

Incidentally, my sect is called " Buddhist Churches of America " in America. What made you decide to complete the process of becoming a พระนางพญา monk after 26 years? Swery:I had enough time to think about my mind and my life and humans and philosophy... and more, because I was taking time off since November of last year. I met many friends, I talked with family, I was running through nature for a few months, I went to Europe, DrinKING, read many books, also wrote a book, and after that I decided to study Buddhism again. You've mentioned to me that you may do missionary work. What will that be like? Do you convert people to your faith, or simply help them? Swery: I don't understand my doctrine enough to be a missionary yet. So I will continue to study more about Buddhism.

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