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Plus, check out why astrology is so popular. Astronomy is considered scientific; it is the science that studies everything in the solar system and the way everything in the solar system works. People that study astronomy (astronomers) study space with research and observation based on the scientific method. Although a part of mainstream science until the late 1600’s, Astrology is no longer considered scientific. Astrology is more akin to a system of beliefs rather than anything provable by the scientific method. People that study astrology (astrologists) attempt to study the way celestial bodies (namely the planets and the stars) moving affects people and events here on earth. Some consider astrology to be a pseudoscience while others claim that astrology is proven by evidence (even though the “evidence” is generally just based on subjective personal experience). RELATED:  What Is Your Mars Sign — And How It Affects Your Personality And Love Life And since  an article published last year in The Independent  reported that “58 percent of 18-24-year-old Americans believe astrology is scientific.” It seems that this is the time to set the record straight. There are clear distinctions between the two and it’s important to know the difference.

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