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While skin is the largest organ on the human body, not all skin is created equal. Skin varies in elasticity, thickness, and natural oils. While people contain around 60 percent of water by the time they reach adulthood, it seems like everything is all about hydration , especially for our faces! So many factors actually dry us out. From weather and sunlight to age and genetics, our faces can feel as dry as the desert. We spoke to Sonya Dakar, skin care specialist and founder of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic about the difference between facial moisturizer and eye cream. First off, she explains that there really is a big difference between eye cream and facial moisturizers because the skin around our eyes is very different from the rest of our face. Meaning, it requires different needs than other areas of our face. She said: The eye area and the lips are the only two areas that do not have oils glands. This is really important to know because we must treat these areas differently. When there are no oil glands, the skin tends to be more dry and shows the signs of aging much faster than the rest of the face.

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