I Suppose This Could Be A Business Issue, But I’m Worried About Something Far More Disruptive: Teens.

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I’d rather just drink whatever free coffee is around the office, even if it tastes like sludge, because I drink coffee for caffeination only. Other than to use the bathroom, the only reason I’ve ever gone to a Starbucks was to use the free WiFi. Back when I used to telecommute for one of my jobs, I’d often find myself looking for the nearest Starbucks to get a coffee and a snack and sit down to work on my laptop. With this new policy, however, I highly doubt that I’d even be able to do that anymore — because it seems pretty likely that all of the tables are going to be taken up by people just sitting there and hanging out, since it’s free for them to do so. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what Starbucks stores are going to look like now that this policy is in effect. They’ve always been obnoxiously crowded, but now they’re going to be absolute zoos. A lot of people have expressed concern that homeless people are going to just set up shop in the stores to take advantage of their air conditioning, heat, and bathrooms. I suppose this could be a business issue, but I’m worried about something far more disruptive: teens. Teens have no money, and they’re always looking for places to hang out free of charge. In the past, they’ve just walked around malls, but now, they finally have a place where they can sit down.

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