Guidance On Handy Cocktail Dresses Tactics

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Schreiber told police after his arrest in September that his attack on the mosque had nothing to do with Mateen, Assistant State Attorney Steve Gosnell said in an interview on Monday. A lawyer for Schreiber could not be immediately reached after Monday's court hearing in St. Lucie County. The mosque was close to the apartment Mateen shared with his wife before he killed 49 people and wounded dozens more at a gay nightclub in Orlando last June, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Mateen pledged allegiance to the head of the Islamic State militant group during a 911 emergency call before being killed in a shootout with police after a three-hour standoff at the Pulse nightclub. Investigators do not believe he had assistance from outside organizations. Schreiber told investigators he viewed the teachings of Islam as a national security threat, Gosnell said. Police previously said Schreiber's Facebook page included anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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