An Updated Introduction To Establishing Details In Bed Cover

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security ties, Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the armed forces were still weak and the country got a lot out of the U.S. relationship. "That's why I said the president was misinformed, because I think the information he is getting is incomplete," Lorenzana told reporters, a day after the launch of the latest round of PHIBLEX military exercises involving troops from both sides. "Maybe, the defense ministry and the armed forces were remiss in providing him the correct information. This, we will address in the coming days." The United States has been on the receiving end of a torrent of hostility from Duterte, who was angered by U.S. expressions of concern over his war on drugs. On Tuesday, Duterte said U.S. President Barack Obama should "go to hell" and that in his time, he might "break up" with Washington, with which Manila has had a security treaty since 1951. Last week, he also caused a stir when he said the PHIBLEX exercises would be "the last one" and on Sunday said a U.S.-Philippines Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement would be reviewed. That deal includes setting up storage facilities for maritime security, humanitarian and disaster response operations and grants U.S.