A Further Analysis Of Simple Ball Gowns Tactics

The blog, started when Alberdi was between jobs after the company she worked for relocated, was always intended to be a business. I think what set me apart is that I did see it as a business from the beginning, she explains. I prepared myself in a way that when I did launch I had enough content to at least be posting regularly. She also kickstarted with a deep understanding that her roots and her passion were two of the strongest qualities that would ultimately set her content apart from the rest. Content, from blog posts to Instagram captions, are posted in both English and Spanish. Videos on Alberdis Instagram Stories or Snapchat capture glimpses of the Latinas Mexican roots and how she proudly leans into them. With the nuances of being a Latina creative, Alberdi understands both the positives and the realities that have to be overcome. I think that from being Latina we grow up in a society where everyone is so dependent on each other, which is a great thing because we get our security from it, she explains. But as many Latinas know, it is also what can encourage a fear of risk. Below Alberdi talks about trusting your gut, being intentional about building your brand and cutting yourself some slack.

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